Besides the easy way of buying, STIL JEWELRY adds high quality consultancy services, engraving, repairing and maintenance for jewelry.

We asses, check and buy.

Do not keep your jewelry in a drawer! You do not like your old jewelry anymore and you would like something new?

Come with the old ones, we will assess them and give you the opportunity to rapidly wear your favorite jewelry, by offering you the best deal of the day, in order to accomplish your dream.



The engraving offers a customized element which turns a piece of jewelry or a gift into something truly unique. Our latest mechanical machines allow the simultaneous engraving of photos and texts on metallic surfaces (or ABS plastic) of some small size objects: jewelry, promo objects, key holders, lighters, watches, pens, etc.

The rings and wedding rings might be engraved from the inside and outside. The maximum surface is 100X100mm.

Repairing jewelry

Our own workshop has an authorized and well trained staff in order to fix the jewelry made of gold.

The precious gemstones are losing their glowing and scratch themselves, the stones may also be forever lost, or the pear string may break if it is not checked on time. In order to have beautiful and shining jewelry like in the first day, it would be advisable for them to be examined and cleaned by a specialist at least once a year.