Terms and conditions

The company which runs the online shop www.bijuteriastil.ro, named forward www.bijuteriastil.ro is SC STYL SRL, named forward SC STYL SRL, registered at National Trade Register under the number J38/562/1991 with sole registration code: RO 1467595.

Using this online shop implies accepting the Terms and Conditions below.

We recommend reading them carefully.

SC STYL SRL takes the right to modify these articles with no previous notification. The latest version can be found accessing the page Terms and Conditions found below the pages from our online shop.

Terms of use.

Bijuteria STIL recommends appropriate use for its sold products; any breach of the terms of usage cannot be uphold in a court of law against Bijuteria STIL. The following term of use must be known to the buyer, and might not be explained by the seller. The customer must inform himself willingly upon any term of agreement before committing to a purchase.

Any harm that might come from the object of purchase cannot be held against Bijuteria STIL in a court of law, due to the fact that jewelry have not been classified as lethal objects in any worldwide court of law.

We advise against keeping any object bought from Bijuteria STIL near children under the age of 18, due to choking hazards that the small pieces may have.

We advise that jewelry not to be used in practicing of sports, wearing of wooly clothing or other cloth, leather or synthetic materials that might clutch to the object of purchase surface and potentially damage it or the clothing or accesories; in any of these cases, Bijuteria STIL is not obligated to respect the warranty or ensure a free repair.

In case of unintentional loss of certain parts of the object of purchase, Bijuteria STIL will ensure the free repairs of an object of purchase that is still in its warranty period, only if the client brings the lost parts with the jewelry as well, in order to ensure a fast and safe replacement; otherwise, the client must sustain any replacement cost that needed to be made in the reparation process.

Any break from the terms of use will be assessed at a close examination of the object of purchase, and will discern if the warranty is still valid or voided. 


All content on Stil’s website- images, texts, graphics, symbols, web elements, encryption, programs and other data- belongs to SC STYL SRL and its providers, being defended by the Copyright laws regarding industrial and intellectual property. Using any of these without our written agreement is punished according to the law.

Access to information on our website.

SC STYL SRL guarantees all users limited access, personally on the website and does not give them the right to download or partially/ integrally modify the online shop, or partially/ integrally reproduce the online shop, or copy it, selling/ reselling or exploiting it in any other manner, with commercial purposes or against company’s interests without its previous written agreement.

Limiting the liability for products and services.

SC STYL cannot guarantee the stock availability of all presented items and does not take responsibility for displaying wrong information regarding the stock availability of the products. SC STYL SRL reserves the right to modify the technical specifications of the products with no previous notification.

Limiting the liability for the prices.

SC STYL SRL reserves the right to modify without a previous notification any of its products, as well as to erase some products, to replace them or  introduce new ones. The displayed prices include VAT ( 20%). There is not a minimum price limit of the order.  

Limiting liability for the delivery.

The delivery is made anywhere in Romania in maximum 48 hours (working days) from the moment our staff confirms the order. With the exception of major force (calamities, natural disasters, accidents,etc) SC STYL SRL reserves its right to make the confirmation of the order before sending them by contacting the clients.

In case of jewelry made on commission the making and delivery term will be accomplished in maximum 14 days.

The delivery for the products is free of charge for all orders.

SC STYL SRL reserves the right to delay or cancel the delivery of ordered products if these cannot be honored from independent reasons which include: explosions, floods, disease, strikes, government actions, wars, terrorism, protests, or any other major impediments according to our law. In case the client is not found at the destination, during the timetable established by us, the courier agent will go one more time. If even this time the delivery is not done, the order will be canceled and the product returns to our head office, the client further pays for the cost of a new delivery, regardless of the order’s product value.

Limiting the liability for the payment.

The payment of ordered products can be done in advance through a banking transfer or paying by card, through specialized services of online payments, at our client’s disposal displayed on our website page www.bijuteriastil.ro or by cash whenever we deliver the products. SC STYL reserves the right to claim the payment of the products in advance, based on an invoice, which will be transmitted to the clients through some means of communication established between us and the buyer. In case the payments are made by card, the payment proof must be sent to our e-mail address office@bijueriastil.ro. The delivery will be made only after the money will be in our account. The payment in advance is considered a payment with the help of desired debit or credit cards in order to pay online, for the whole payment as well as for the payment by installment. In that case SC STYL will require to the retailer of electronic payments the security confirmation and the transaction validity and as well will make extra checking before sending the products

The ordered products must be integrally paid; otherwise the delivery cannot be accomplished.

Limiting the liability for the guarantee of the products.

The products bought through this online shop benefit by the warranty of every brand, respecting the active legal articles. Thus, each product will be accompanied by the manufacturer’s warranty certificate which ensures directly or through its agent’s service for the relative product.

Limiting the responsibilities for the users ‘comments.

Users who visit the online shop www.bijuteriastil.ro can make comments upon its products which can be published on our online shop after the previous approval of the administrator. SC STYL reserves its right not to publish comments with illegal content, obscene, threats, defamatory, which affects the private life of other people, breaking the right of intellectual property, have viruses, texts pointing various promo campaigns, letters or e-mail in series or any other form of spam.

SC STYL SRL will not have the responsibility and will not be obliged to pay in any way any kind of compensation for any kind of damage produced by such comments or communication. In case of sending some materials/ documents, other than those of selling/buying of the products, it is considered that the user gives to SC STYL SRL company and its shareholders the exclusive right, unlimited, free, indefeasible, and redirected to use them, to reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, as well as to share them anywhere in the world by any means. The user guarantees that he has all the rights upon the content which it is transmitted in order to be published on the online shop, through any means, as using this content might not cause any prejudice for any person. SC STYL SRL does not assume the responsibility regarding possible damage done by using these comments by the online users, they being offered under the same limitation of responsibility as the rest of the content found on the online shop.

Limiting the responsibilities for links to other online shops, server, browser.

The online shop www.bijuteriastil.ro is hosted by serves of another company. SC STYL SRL cannot be held responsible for any error appeared on our online shop regardless of the reasons of its appearance, these including modifications of the online shop, settings or updates. SC STYL SRL cannot be held responsible for errors appeared due to the usage of some navigation programs (browser) for visiting the online shop www.bijuteriastil.ro

The right of returning the products.

The client has the right to notify in written SC STYL SRL that he gives up buying the products, no penalties and without saying a certain reason in 30 working days from the product’s arrival. Thus, the client must return the product in its original package and with all its accessories having no damage, by paying the delivery according to the law. This right cannot be evoked in case of taking the product directly from our shops for the products which had already been checked. This clause is according to O.G. 34/2014, in case of buying the products using the communication techniques distantly, we will apply the law O.G. 34/2014 art. 2 alin.7.

Any other request/notification must be sent to our address office@bijuteriastil.ro or accessing  www.bijuteriastil.ro/servicii-clienti/politica-de-retur.

Protection of personal data.

SC STYL SRL respects the privacy and the security of personal data regarding each person who visits or orders products on this site. According to the Law nr. 677/2001 for protection of people regarding the privacy of data, modified and completed and the Law nr. 506/2004 regarding processing personal data and the protection of private data in the electronic sector, SC STYL SRL will administrate safety conditions only for these purposes, the personal data you give us about you, a member of the family or any other person. The aim for collecting data is: signing up of these fiscal documents issued by the company according to the law and your information. You are obliged to provide your data, being necessary in order for us to be able to launch the order from www.bijuteriastil.ro store.

The registered information is destined to users by SC STYL SRL and communicated (partially) only through senders: the fast courier company which delivers the products and the banking or financial institutions, in case of paying by card (online or directly from our showroom).  If you like to receive information about products, services, events, etc, provided by SC STYL SRL it is necessary to tick the subscribing newsletter in your account on www.bijuteriastil.ro. In case you want to give up in receiving information from SC STYL SRL, please unsubscribe using the link from your account. According to the law nr. 677/2001, you benefit the right to access; intervene upon the data, the right of not taking an individual decision and the right to address the justice. Altogether, you own the right of opposing yourself against processing your personal data and require their deleting. In order to have these rights, you can make a written request, dated and signed on the company’s address. There must be mentioned that according to the active law, your personal data cannot be deleted in the financial fiscal and administration documents issued by our company, these processing having an obligatory character and the law regards the exclusion of the opposition right in this case. If some data about you is incorrect, please inform us as soon as possible.

Security of personal data.

Your personal data will be used by SC STYL only within the stated purpose of this site in accordance with the law. The information in the order form will be used to send order confirmations, possible promotions, periodic newsletters, etc. SC STYL SRL undertakes not to disclose or not to sell databases containing information regarding your personal data. Personal data may be transmitted to the authorities in order to verify the business, only on their justified request.

Information security.

The level of security regarding transactions, of buying sessions and processing personal data is according to the requirements of this industry worldwide. This shop uses security measures against loss, alteration or wrong usage of information which is under our control through the security of our platform Cross-Site Script. SC STYL SRL does not take responsibility for the loss of information caused by bugs, hacking attacks or software errors.

Promotions and contests.

SC STYL SRL sets the rule for promotions and contests. These rules are notified to potential participants through its own online store or through messages using email. The orders which benefit of promotions must strictly observe the rules posted on the site. Also promotions only apply to orders registered by the company during the time period in which promotion is valid and only in stock. SC STYL does not guarantee availability of stock products for promotion and can interrupt or cancel any time without notice.

Litigation and final provisions.

Any other problem caused by the products and services presented on www.bijuteriastil.ro or information on this online shop and which is not already being treated for any article of this document, shall be settled amicably within 30 days from the date of written notification of problems by the user. If the conflict is not amicably settled, the competence will be redirected to the Romanian courts of law, SC STYL SRL choosing competent courts in Ramnicu Valcea municipality.